Menstrual Cups Part 3 – FAQ

I asked my beloved Twitter follower what they always wanted to know about menstrual cups and I think I covered most of these questions in my previous posts about how to find the perfect cup and how to handle it. But there’s always more so this post will cover the rest.

I Don’t Like Tampons, Will I Also Dislike The Cup?

Well, it depends on the reasons you don’t like tampons. If you are uncomfortable with inserting something in your vagina, it’s unlikely you will enjoy a cup. But if you hate tampons because wearing, inserting or pulling them out is painful because you are too dry, cups can help. They collect the blood instead of absorbing every liquid which means you won’t struggle with vaginal dryness. Also using a cup with lube is easy and helps to insert it.

Also cups are soft enough to fit your anatomy so you probably won’t feel them as much as you would feel a full tampon.

Are Menstrual Cups For Every Body?

Basically yes. You have a vagina – you can use a cup. And don’t be scared if you never had sex, using a cup is also possible for virgins and won’t hurt as long as you choose the right size and are relaxed.

BUT, yes – there’s a but. People suffering from vaginismus might be uncomfortable with inserting the cup. Also there is an ongoing debate under endometriosis patients that using a cup will worsen your condition because it takes too long to get your endometrial tissue out of your body. I’m not a doctor nor am I suffering from endometriosis or other reproductive health issues. If you are concerned that a menstrual cup will interfere with your health, please see a doctor or a nurse and have a chat with them.

Is A Menstrual Cup Spill Proof?

Theoretical yes, but it depends if the cup sits well. Sometimes the cup just doesn’t sit right or hasn’t opened completely and there’s the mess. By time you’ll be able to manage this and leakage gets a rarity, but even after years of usage accidents might happen. But that’s life, not even menstrual cups are perfect.

Is the Cup Too Big For me?

Assuming you have no condition which makes it difficult for you to insert something in your vagina: No, it’s not generally too big for you. Many brands offer different sizes and smaller diameters, so if you are concerned that the cup won’t fit go for a smaller one. This blog post will also tell you a bit more about how to find the perfect size and cup four your unique vagina.

How Long Will My Cup Last?

A cup usually lasts for maaany years. But please replace your cup if it gets sticky, shows a weird coat, smells bad, changes its shape or you find cracks in the material.

Isn’t It Unhygienic To Collect My Blood Inside Of Me?

Nope, it’s not. It’s your blood and as long as you don’t rub someone else with it there’s nothing unhygienic about collecting it inside of you and pouring it in the toilet.

Also using tampons can cause the toxic shock syndrome which is related to bacteria which release toxins in your body. And so far there’s no known case of toxic shock syndrome related to cups. So nah, nothing unhygienic here.

Do you have more questions? Head to the contact form or give me a shout on Twitter and I’ll see if I can help you.


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