Categories are amazing, they allow you to filter my content and read the stuff you’re most interested in. Of course categories can overlap but I guess this is fine.


This category is basically filled with my own dating experiences which I wanna share with you and where I try to have a look on why I and many people act like they act and which part society plays in our dating behaviour.


What is love (baby don’t hurt me…hrm…sorry)? A question with no absolute answer. But it’s a good and important thing to talk about love, expectations, reality and everything related to it.


I have a Master’s degree including a psychology minor and I just love to get a bit scientific about social interactions, relationships and effects that have an impact on human behaviour and decisions.


This is all about my experience because I think talking about sex, pleasure and of course accompanied worries or questions should be de-stigmatised.

Sex Ed

I know things about sex and I constantly study further to become more knowledgeable and more confident about sex, bodies and everything related. I want to make this knowledge accessible for you so you know what happens in and outside the sheets and you can feel comfortable.