What’s Your Love Language?

Sometimes one topic is the focus in different conversations with several people. And this is one of them: love language. Nah, this post is not about the cute and kitschy nicknames, it's about the kind of love language we often don't recognise as such and we usually use unconsciously. Love Language Dictionary In our everyday … Continue reading What’s Your Love Language?


Happy New Year!

And here we are - it's the first of January and we are looking into a new year, into a fresh start with maybe high hopes or just the resolution to not have any resolutions at all. For me personally 2016 has been difficult but was also the year where I came closer to my … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Snow In October

Dating got easier for me when I started to see this whole journey as a multitude of surprise packages. Let me explain: Every date is basically a little package (no pun intended) and I have no clue and also no expectations about it's content. I open it, let things happen and see where the adventure … Continue reading Snow In October